Rules of StarBound

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Rules of StarBound

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:26 pm

1.No griefing, hacking, flying of any sort this will result in an a ban!
2.Usage of the server is a privilege.
3.Racism and Homophobia is NOT allowed in any form. Keep it to yourself.
4.Do not ask to be a TechAdmin or Owner. Any other ranks are allowed to apply for.
5.Do not create death warps.
6.Do not use any clients modifcations.
7.Do not spam.
8.Do not create 1x1 towers. Also do not build dirt houses, they're just ugly!
9.When cutting down trees cut down ALL wood.
10.Lying about any of the rules above will result in an autoban, no appealing


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